Friday, 19 February 2016

My gap year

Imagine you could take a year off work, and do just anything you wanted to do. 

Make a monthly plan.

1st Month: Do nothing
Enjoy normal life. Go walk and sleep in the park and have a good food in Nagano or any other area in Japan.

2nd Month: Go to Europe for sightseeing
Firstly go to England. I want to go to see the Old castles like Edinburgh castle, and also go to see the Stonehenge. After going to watch the soccer game in Manchester, I plan to go to see Big Ben and get the Big eye to see the night scenery in London.
3rd Month: Move to France stay 3 month
Maybe the Paris is convenience to go to travel everywhere in the Europe. I want to stay Paris for 3 month to study French and go to travel lots of Europe countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherland, Finland/Norway and east-Europe countries.
Actually, I wanted to go to Egypt and Turkey before, but these areas are deteriorating condition of public safety. I gave up going there at this time but really wanting to go there in the future after the public safety is kept.

6th Month: Move to Canada and US and stay 3 months
My mother and sister love the Anne of green gables. I also like the story and think I want to see the beautiful scenery someday.
Stay in Boston or New York for a while to study English and enjoy the life in the US.
If I bored to see the famous spot in Boston/NY, I will move to LA and go to Western US areas for sightseeing.
As I never been to San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, I want to go there by train or plane (as I don’t like to drive a car).

9th Month: Move to Australia & New Zealand
Stay in Australia (maybe Sydney?) for study English and enjoy the life in Australia and NZ.
I want to go to Ayers Rock and great barrier leaf to see dolphins, and also want to see the koala bear of course!

10th Month: Move to Asian countries (Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Thai and Vietnam etc)
As one of my best friend in Thai, I want to stay there for 2 months. And go to a lot of Asian countries from there.

12th Month: Return to Japan and do nothing
Enjoy normal life, and prepare for the life of every day working…

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