Monday, 15 February 2016

After reading – The children of the new forest

Write about a time you have spent on a farm

My family house does not have a farm, but owns a rice field and a field.  They are not huge as they are only for my relative’s eating, not for sale.

In our rice field, rice planting starts in May.  It requires little effort as my father plants rice by a machine.  My mother and I work for washing the plastic cases that rice is planted.  We harvest rice in September or October.  Rice is harvested by a machine, but we have to dry it in the sun as the taste is better than dry in a machine.  It is a very hard work, so my relatives come to help.  We sweat a lot and have a backache.  About one week later, however, we can eat newly harvested rice.  It tastes so good.

In our field, we grow vegetables like potato, cucumber, tomato, eggplant and so on.  In summer, we can gather many cucumber, tomato and eggplant every day, so we are very busy to gather and eat them.  One problem is that the field tends to be overgrown with weeds and there are many mosquitoes.  Once we go to the field wearing a half-sleeve shirt, we are bitten by mosquitoes.  Therefore, we have to wear a long sleeve shirt to go to the field even if it is very hot.

I feel that the harvest of crop is not easy, but it is worth the extra effort.