Sunday, 28 February 2016

After reading - Five Famous Fairy Stories

My fairy story
Tell the story of a fairy tale from your country

We want to introduce Urashima Taro, very famous fairy story in Japan.One day a young fisherman named Urashima Taro is fishing when he notices a group of children torturing a small turtle.
Taro saves it and lets it to go back to the sea.
The next day, a huge turtle approaches him and tells him that the small turtle he had saved is the daughter of the Emperor of the Sea, Ryujin, who wants to see him to thank him.
The turtle brings him to the bottom of the sea, to the Palace of the Dragon God (Ryugu-jo).
There he meets the Emperor and the small turtle, who was now a lovely princess, Otohime.
Taro stays there with her for a few days, but soon wants to go back to his village and see his aging mother.
The princess wishes him well and gives him a mysterious box called tamatebako which she tells him never to open.
Taro grabs the box, jumps on the back of the turtle, and soon is at the seashore.
When he goes home, everything has changed. His home is gone, his mother has vanished, and the people he knew are nowhere to be seen.
He discovers that 300 years have passed since the day he left for the bottom of the sea.
He opens the box the princess had given him, from which bursts forth a cloud of white smoke.
He is suddenly aged, his beard long and white, and his back bent.

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