Sunday, 31 May 2009

Don't Stop Now!

What do you think will happen to Kate and Matt next?

The Vassallo brothers got ten years in prison, and peaceful days came back for Kate and Matt again. They worked for the Web café that they use to.
After a while Kate thought ‘Vassallo brothers have already not been now, that mean we might be able to take over from their business. I can do that well than the stupid brothers.’
She had an ambition to get big money. She hated to work such a small web café.
She negotiated with Matt about her new business. He was surprised with her approach but he could not refuse about that because he loved her very much.
Then Kate called friends in Malta that we are the successor to the Vessallo brothers…

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Niigata Conference - JALT

Another early morning departure and this time a quick cruise up the expressway to Niigata.

I was attending the inaugural N.E.A.R. Language Education Conference at the University of Niigata Prefecture, trying to help out a colleague promote his product Wordpress and at the same time get some mileage for our Cambridge ESOL exams.

This is the first time I've set up & manned a display at one of these events (after my debut last week presenting in Sapporo, seem to be on a roll), so I was not at all sure what to expect. I was confident, after all the conferences, workshops etc I have been to over the years that I could do a lot better than a good number of the sales reps I have seen 'in action'. Unfortunately, I was located in such a crummy place barely five people found me before lunch - and there was no 'lunch' around. The afternoon was no better so I decided to go find people instead. Bizarrely, I met people from Shikoku, Hokkaido, Sendai, Ibaraki, Sado island.

Also met Theron Muller, who I have a lot of time for and admire his undying enthusiasm for teaching and professional development; less so Shinshu JALT attendees who are either blind or just plain rude.

I really hope this Conference kicks on next year and in years to come; it seems to me the organisers are keen and well intentioned. It is always good to meet teachers who are really trying to make a difference. Well worth a 600km round trip for the day!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Pearl - John Steinbeck

Worlds Biggest Pearl Destroys Family

A man called Kino and his wife Juana and their baby Coyotito found a very big pearl.

One day the baby Coyotito got bitten by a scorpion. Kino and Juana had to got o the doctor, but Kino didn't have money so the doctor refused him. So he went to the ocean to find pearls. He found a pearl as big as the egg of a seabird.

He went to a pearl buyer. He thought he could get many money but the mean pearl buyer would only but it for 1000 pesos. Kino got mad and took the pearl and went home.

After that, he got murdered but he didn't die, and his house also got burnt. That night they went to the city to find a honest pearl buyer. But he was tracked by three men, so Kino and Juana hid in lots of places and tried to hide. They saw a cave so they hid in the cave. Coyotito was asleep, but he suddenly started to cry and they got spotted by the three men and Coyotito got shot. Kino killed the three of them and came back to his home. He went to the sea and threw the pearl in to the sea.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

dictadraw - art direction

I had an interesting lesson yesterday with one of my classes practicing their use of prepositions and the present continuous tense to describe a picture or scene. Perception is an important part of the whole process as the artists' partners had to look at a picture and describe it for their partner (who couldn't see it). The students could only draw what they were told - so it really was not a test of 'art' or drawing skills!

The three pictures on the left are based on exactly the same picture, so you can compare and contrast the details - where is the glass? What is the man doing? Is he thin? Likewise, the three pictures on the right were also based on the same picture.

The key to describing a scene is getting the main, key points described simply, and naming them/establishing their role in the middle of the picture. After the skeleton has been set, the details can be added easily in relation to the base and each other, or compared/contrasted with them.

This was a lot of fun, so thanks artists and describers for your hard work and pictures.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Hybrid animals - from Luna's laboratory

As I was away last Friday - travelling to the Great Northern Island - Tana covered my imaginative returnee class (thank you!)

This is what they came up with, after thinking about Hybrid animals - which one is the best? Please vote by leaving a comment below.

The one top right looks a bit like a famous mouse; the one bottom left I am sure I have seen before in a kaiten sushi restaurant. Good job all round.

See ya Friday!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Circle Games

Activities: After reading
Q1. Which of the stories is about......
a: a 'difficult' boy is the USA? -> Special Clay
b: a clever boy in Singapore? -> The Trishow Man
c: American tourists in Englanc? -> The Wheel on the Wall
d: an archaeology student in the UK? -> Beautiful Things
e: a story-teller in cafe? -> Quick Man Tan
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Speaking in Sapporo

I was very happy to be asked to present at Hokkaido JALT's Teaching Children Mini-Conference over the weekend. Organiser Peter Schinkel, asked me if I would do it, the last time I was in Sapporo (last October) to train OEs. Of course I agreed, but the last week has been rather stressful actually putting the presentation together & figuring out how to get the most from Power Point without overdoing it.

Unfortunately, I presented in the graveyard slot - first thing on Sunday morning, so my audience wasn't huge. However, I think it went down well enough, despite the speakers I was given being as useful as bacon at a audience couldn't hear a thing. Also unfortunately, I couldn't stick around to see many other presentations which looked really interesting - couldn't afford to miss my flight again or miss classes today.

I did get the chance to catch up with a couple of colleagues in Sapporo, which is always nice, and to make a few new connections; the Hokkaido EFL scene seems to be very healthy and enthusiatic, and I am really looking forward to going back again in July. With any luck, this will coincide with the Beer Festival (or is that such a good idea?) ! And I am really hoping I'll be able to give my presentation elsewhere too, after fine tuning it a bit and making sure I have louder speakers next time.

I should thank OUP for sponsoring my presentation, btw. Thank you Colin & Kayo for your help.


Sense & Sensivility

I think most people have both sense & sensivility, but especially love, it's dfficult to keep sensible.Somebody may think that Marianne is a foolish girl to fall in love with the man who don' t know well, but I think it's natural thing for everyone because love is blind. Althogh Marianne's love went bad, it's good experience for her. I sympathize with Marianne. If I was Elinor and knew the secret of Edward, I would cry and try to rid him of Lucy.
If you read this story, I recomend that read with comparing Elinor, Marianne and you.

One Day

After reading
6. What book do you think Sam is writing?

I think that Sam is writing a book about himself. He is writing about his family and  his neighbors. Especially, he writes about communications with Mr. Cooper and the story about getting money he left. This story says his troubled and happy life.


Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Woman Who Disappeared

I updated
After Reading Question 5. Lenny is introducing himself and describing
his office. Write about yourself. Introduce yourself and describe a room where you live or work.

My office is on the south side of Matsumoto City, on the second floor of a building. My desk is in the center of a big room. Everyone has the desk and the chair of the same type. On my desk, there are two PCs. One is the type of desktop, and the other is type of laptop. I usually use these PCs almost all day long.
There are about a hundred people in a big room. There are about ten meeting corners. They are near the window. There isn't artistic decoration in my office. There isn't a foliage plant in my office. Instead, we have a beautiful view. We can see the Northern Japanese Alps when the weather is clear. The view is very beautiful and I like it.


Do you think there really are ‘parallel worlds’
I have heard that parallel worlds is investigating a serious stance by physicist.
According to the theory if parallel worlds were really some quantum physics problems; like as famous ‘Schrodinger’s cat problem; could be solved.
However this kind of problem seems to be at once philosophical problem and physical problem.
So we need to define what is ‘really are’ first.
If we were able to interface with the parallel world we could say it exists.
But we can not interface with such world.
That mean considering of the parallel world makes no realistic sense.
I have more than enough of problem to solve in this real would.

Ghost Stories

This book contains six short stories about a ghost in England. Almost of them are horror stories you may have a feeling of something cold after and while reading. So I can't recommend reading midnight. But if you like this kind of books you will be interested. I was interested in "The Judge's House" which has a thrill, a fear and a misery. Compare a Western ghost with a Japanese ghost, I have an opinion that the first one generally link with a death directly.

The Day of the Jackal

The Day of the Jackal (1971) is a thriller novel by English writer Frederick Forsyth, about a professional assassin who is contracted by the OAS French terrorist group of the early 1960s, to kill Charles de Gaulle, the President of France. Click here
For the 1973 film adaptation of the novel, see The Day of the Jackal (film).

The Jackal is a 1997 suspense film starring Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Diane Venora and Sidney Poitier. It was directed by Michael Caton-Jones. While its title is similar to the 1973 film The Day of the Jackal, it shares only the main story point of an anonymous assassin and some general plot elements. see The Jackal (film).

Writing Question 37: Imagine that you are the real Charles Calthrop. Write a letter from your London flat to the friend that you went fishing with. Tell the friend what happened when you returned to London.

Answer 37:
Dear friend,
How are you? I hope you are all well.
Thank you for your hospitality during my stay in your hometown. I could spend a wonderful time with you, climbing mountains, fishing and so on.

By the way, can you believe that? When I have returned back my flat in London, the policemen were checking my room without prior announcement. Do you imagine why? As you may know, a terrorist group, OAS was planning to assassinate of the French president. French police seems that I must be an assassin code-named Jackal, because “jackal” in French is “chacal”. C-H-A-C-A-L, and my name is Charles Calthrop. I was investigated by them more than two hours. How do you think? Anyway the assassin was caught and the case was resolved now. I’m through with French police.

This is my story after returning the holiday. If you have a time, please visit to London. You can stay my flat. See you next holiday.

Yours Jackal,


The Garden Party and Other Stories

These stories are difficult a bit for me. Backgrounds of these are not familiar to me. Maybe that makes me difficult to understand. However, these are all quite interesting and it is a kind of thought-provoking book. My favorite story is “The Garden Party”. The story puts questions to us what is human happiness, life and important thing to us. Ikaros, (24 May 2009)

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Treading on Dreams

This reading book is stories from Ireland . IRISH pronunciation is different, so I was very puzzled.

After reading Men and Women, I agreed her mother and respected a daughter. If I am her mother I will divorce soon. I think that a daughter is going to hate men and it is not good for children to be aware of their parent’s arguments.

It ..woman.. thinks independence to be an important thing.

Are you agree with me?

Friday, 22 May 2009

Welcome Magnus

An overdue welcome to Magnus, who joins Luna as a part-time teacher looking after our Saturday classes and replacing Jim (who has too many weekend commitments training examiners/making presentations to be reliable for the students - this weekend he is making his first PowerPoint presentation to a conference in Sapporo).

Magnus first got in touch with us last year, expressing an interest in Cambridge ESOL Young Learners exams for his own students in Okaya (where he is based), and has a calm, enthusiastic approach to his work which we recognised immediately.

Magnus is English and sorry girls, married. We think our Saturday class will enjoy their lessons with Magnus and look forward to reading their work with him here from time to time.

Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror.

I don’t like horror stories. But this book is interested. I was able to read easily a little, because each story was very short.

My favorite story is “The Gold Bug”. It’s Mastery. I was not able to understand story when I saw this title. The man solved the code that found treasure of Captain Kid’s.

I researched the code and the author. Because I think that the code is very real.
Edgar was very well informed about the code. Before two years writing this book, He challenged solving to the code that these were given by his reader.
The imagination exists together to the fact in this story. I was able to read this book happily. I think that this story is an adventure.


Thursday, 21 May 2009


After reading:
The Manager
Shoprite Supermarket

Dear sir
When I was in your supermarket this month I found animal fur for sale. This fur is jaguar in it. This is bad for the rainforest,because people come to the forests and kill jaguars for their beautiful black and gold fur. I would like to ask you to stop selling this fur. If a lot of people do this, it will save some of the rainforest animal.
Your faithfully,

Teacher Man

I hate this book. This teacher is not standing in child's standpoint. He thinks only how he stands dominant in his class. I found many times such as “I couldn’t think of anything to say”. He didn’t help any students and made them lonely. I became irate and I did not want to read.

However, ACTIVITIES demands me to check a detailed action of each student, and it makes me to raise more irritation. Therefore, I read this book rough, and the answer of ACTIVITIES might be much wrong. My father and the elder brother are teachers at the high school.
Therefore, I might not to be able to permit such a teacher too far.

41. Write about your favorite teacher at school or college. Why will you always remember him/her?

My most favorite teacher is a teacher at the fourth grade in the elementary school. He is a fresh teacher only after he graduated from university at that March. The students had a sense of closeness in him, and came to love because he was cool and very young compared with other teachers. We played basketball when it was not PE lesson because he was defeated at our demand.

Unfortunately, I had to change my school at the next year, because my father was a teacher and he transferred other school. I couldn’t do anything though I loved that class. I didn’t know his news at all. I couldn’t contact with any friends of elementary school, because I changed my school twice afterwards.

Several years later, he appeared in the newspaper. The bee attacked the student of his class when going to the class trip, and the teacher was also taken to the hospital. I could catch his school by this newspaper, and, I wrote a letter to him, about my history after changing school, I got married, I had children, or more.

The reply came from him at once. It was written that he was very pleased the letter and he looked back on it with nostalgia. He told everyone of the class about me, and pasted the letter on the class board. We send the New Year's card each other even now.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Circle Game

Circle Games is 5 stories in the book.
It is short stories each other.
And,almost all the hero of the story are poor or strange.
But the people have special power.
The end of story,the people made happy with other people.
Please read with pleasure!!


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Day of the Jackal

This book is a suspense story. It was difficult to understand a lot of roles, but
I was very fun. The Jackal was a main role and a lot of expression;for example, an English man, the Jackal or Murder etc.

Imagine a meeting between Marc Rodin, Rene Montclair and Andre Casson after they have learned that the Jackal has failed to kill the president.Write the conversation between the three of them.

"After all, this plan failed. It was very vexing. Why did the Jackal fail too?
The Jackal seemed to be traced through his action, that is; he left behind a lot of tracks. His plan was elaborate and careful. He had a carefully thought-out plan and acted elaborately. Therefore, the way could be seen through his scheme. The other party was superior to the Professional Murder Jackal"

One Day

This story("One Day") consists of four heroes(Jason, David, Margie, and Sam) small stories,and it was limited to two sections with each content changed, so I felt not so understood.
I strongly felt the significance of the letter by through this story.Because as Jason caused that can not go to univercity of his choice by don't posted the letter. And as Margie caused that can not connect love even though Margie and Xavier with love.
At modern, E-mail is the most information transport way then I feel more convenient because don't worry like as this story(there is not risk which the letter doesn't post as this story). On the other hand, I felt David and Sam have the rich humanity as sympathize with their family. As a result it be connected to HappyEnd with their life (Author's thinking such as an end).
The other side, Jason's end is a cruel result. I thought it was effected in home environment, and I think it's not only responsible to Jason himself, but also Jason's parents is more responsible because who have made to him alone. I guess there is a cause that his family relationship be broken by don't exist his father in the house for 12 years, then the character of Jason changes, he is broken love by the girlfriend, and as result, origins of the fire are caused by smoking the cigarette in Van.
Therefore, I actually felt that the story "One Day" just transmit telling the significance by time spent with the people in surroundings of one day by one day was precious.
Hironobu Inada

Monday, 18 May 2009

The Canterville Ghost

There are three stories in the book. I think the most interesting story was the Load Arthur Savile's Crime. There are strange stories. They are sad and they also funny.

1.The Canterville Ghost : It is sad because The ghost had lived in Cantervill Chase for three hundred years. He murdered his wife. Then his wife's brother shut him in a room. He starved to death.

It is funny because The ghost tried to frighten The Otis family but they was not afraid of the ghost completely. And they helped the ghost finally.

2.The Model Millionaire: It is sad because Hughie Erskine wanted to marry Laura Merton but he had no money. It is funny because Hughie Erskine gave one pound to a beggar. The beggar was super rich man. He present a cheque for ten thousand pounds. Hughie Erskine could marry Laura Merton.

3.Lord Arthur Savil's Crime: It is sad because Mr Podgers of palmist was dead finally. It is funny because Lord Arthur had believed the palmist and he decided to kill someone He challenged to kill someone but he missed it. Last,he succeed in killing. It was Mr Podgers of palmist.

Unquiet Graves

I read Unquiet Graves.

This is a horror story that a young girl was manipulated by a ghoast. A ghoast was very pitiful.

This book is used very difficult word so I took many time to read this book.

Point for Understanding
In the Hall, Tom sees some Paintings and some silver dishes. Then they disappear. What is happening? Make a guess.

A Ghoast wanted to keep away him.
A Ghoast was a Todd. He want to search Eleanor. He was going to search her to operate Frankie.

If Tom knew that Frankie was operated by Todd, Tom would interfere Todd to operate Frankie. Todd made him frighten and stop searching Frankie but he didn't stop serching Frankie. He is a very courageous boy.

Hotel Casanova

Q:Imagine you are a film director. Which actors would you choose to play Dino, Carla and Maria?

Reason:She is very tough and humane person.

That is what I think about this book.
It very thrilling story.
Dino that lives well is learnd enough.

The Phantom Airman

I thought this book was serious story when before read this book. But after reading this book, very interesting for me.
This book is a story of a ghost and four students. Four student, Frankie, Regan, Jack and Tom are same school and same club. They examined old airfield at the Second World War.
They met a ghost when they examined old airfield. The ghost name is Glen Loosthawk. He was a Royal Air Force's pilot.
Glen wanted them to find the secret at that time. Therefore, he showed up in front of them.
At last, four students found the secret for old airfield. Was Glen satisfaction? I don't know. However, I felt sad for Glen.

This story mixed with the past and present, it was difficult to understand.

John Doe -home work-

Nurse Angela is character I like the most. This reason is that she is smart and brave. She knew that Mr. John was trying to kill her by Doctor Cox's calling.I think that she was afraid of Mr. John, however she didn't show her feelings and can away from killer. If I were her, I would not behave as same as her.The police could arrest the killer by her courageous action.

I had a question after I finished to read this book. I don't understand why Mr. John wanted to kill Nurse Angela. She was kind to him and he have a liking for her. Why did he try to kill her? I think that she didn't incur his hatred. He was trying to kill her because he like her...?

"Don't Stop Now!"

I write my impression as reading this book.

When I red the title, I thought that the one says the message as the one finds that another was chased by someone who came soon. And I saw the picture of book cover, I felt like that a woman was chased by a dark and suspicious organization and an investigation agent helped her.
But unfortunately, story was not in line with my expectation at all. It was about justice and love story made by one family, one guy and two Mafia threatening the family.
The most exciting point was that by truck Paolo, Kate’s father, crushed into Mafia’s office which Kate and Matt were caught in. His brave action was so nice. But I regretted Paolo because he got six weeks in prison. I hope happiness will come to Paolo, Kate and Matt.

The Mark of Zorro

This story is love and adventure of the mystery knight Zorro who covered the face with a black mask. The true colors of Zorro becomes clear at the end. I was excited till the last and was interesting.

He usually hates to fight, and isn't interested in love to the woman. However, when there are an embarrassed person, he becomes Zorro and helps them. He punish the enemies of the poor and the weak. He talks to a woman in a sweet voice at time of Zorro. Miss. Lolita was charmed by his gap.

There are a film of this story. I haven't seen a film about Zorro. I would like to see a film about Zorro.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Stranger

This is a mysterious story. One day, a stranger who was very rich and handsome man visited a small quiet village. He bought an empty old house and open "The Corner Shop". Villagers accepted him and this shop was success.

The owner - Dave Slatin had a side business in this shop. "Special Customers" visited this shop and wanted to meet him. When these Special Customers left this shop, they were frightened and they left their things there.

At last, they got very big and important thing for them at the sacrifice of someone's unhappiness.

By the way, who was the final Special Customer?
I think it was Dave - the stranger. He wanted to bequeath his children who would inherit his strange power. He asked Anna - his shop assistant to marry him, but she has found his strange power, she was afraid of him. Finally he sacrificed her life to his secret keeping by his death by himself.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Space Invaders

What do you think about robot? Here are some questions;

Q1) What kind of jobs do robots do today?
A1) For example, to do cooking like as sushi robot.
Q2) What do you think robots will do in the future?
A2) I think that robots drive instead of human. They will have good navigation system.
Q3) Do you think it is good or bad to have robots?
A3) I think it is good, because my life will be convenient. But I will not have robots, because it will be too expensive.
Q4) Are robot dangerous?
A4) Robots are dangerous like as industrial robot.
Q5) Do you think there will ever be a robot like Omega?
A5) I like Omega, because he is gentle. So, I hope there will be a robot like Omega.

My School Trip to Tokyo

My school went on a trip to Tokyo. We got to school at 5:30 on Sunday morning, and we arrived at the hotel for lunch. It was fun in the bus because my friends and I played games.

In the afternoon we went to see a musical, called Lion King. It was very exciting because there were lots of animal characters. My favourite character was Simba, as he sang the best songs.

After that, we went on a water bus and I saw my old friend Shota; he knew we were going there and he could see us because he lives in Tokyo. It was nice to see Shota, and we talked about lots of stuff. In the evening, we ate at a delicious hamburger restaurant (not MacDonalds).

Me and my friends stayed up until midnight in the hotel. We talked, watched TV and played games, and had a lot of fun. The room was big, and the three of us had a bed each; the hotel was also big, clean, but very expensive.

The next morning, we went to see Sumo (wrestling) in a `Dohyo`. The sumo wrestlers were huge and strong; the fights were awesome. Then we went up Tokyo Tower, which was very scary.The elevator was very big, and my whole class could go in it! In the tower, there's a glass floor where you can see down and that was scary. The sight was beautiful. We ate dinner in a Chinese restaurant in one of the floors half-way up (or down) the tower. The food was yummy!

My friends and I were very tired, because of the last night, so went to bed early.

On the last day, we went to Asakusa, and saw a 'kaminarimon' a kind of massive lantern in the gate of a shrine. There were lots of shops where we could buy manju and lots of other stuff. I loved Asakusa 'cos there were lots of stuff to buy - I got some straps for my family and me. We got back to school at about 6pm.

I enjoyed my school trip; Asakusa was the best, but I also really enjoyed The Lion King. I am very tired today so I didn't read my book again. Jim is a bit mad.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Meet Me in Istanbul

"Tom went to Istanbul to meet his fiancee Angela, but she had died in an accident..."

This is a mistery story about a man who serch for his fiancee with his friend in Istanbul. Interesting story and easy to read.

But leaves something to be desired. :-)


Unanswered Questions
Answer the questions, using your imagination.
1.Whose body was found in Angela's hired car?

A: I was a woman who worked in Dunya's company. Maybe she stealed drugs, but Dunya founded it and killed her! Oh no!

The Girl at The Window

Grace is ghost in the picture. Her soul is in the picture for long time. I like this story. I'm glad that Sue and her baby(Sammy) was saved from on fire. Grace saved Sammy. She is kindly.
For Grace, this story is very sad. Her life was lonely. She was waiting her husband and baby. After a fire, Grace will be happy? Perhaps her soul is separated from the picture and Grace meets Tommy and her baby(Mary), and will be happy.
Pictures on this book are poor. Baby's face is likes the Uncle. I hope baby's face is more cute.

"What a Lottely"

I thought that this book was a story concerning music first. It is because the cover of a book is a man who has the guitar.

However, when Lottery is examined in the dictionary, the meaning is different. When it finished reading this story, the meaning of the title is understood.

The people who appear in this book are four people. (Rick・Mary・Burry Green・Sarah)

I feel happy Rick. Person in question's talent and high motivation are necessary at the turning point of the life. Moreover, I thought that the cooperation of the timing and a surrounding person was very important.

but, I don't like Rick so much. It is because the action of Rick troubled a surrounding person. I want him to improve the action just like feelings to Mary. Because it is thought that it is necessary for his "It's like winning the lottery".


The Teacher Man

Q41 Write about your favorite teacher at school or college. Why will you always remember him/her?

I remember an elementary school teacher named Ohkishima. She was my teacher when I was in five to six-grade at elementary school. She was very frank and like a man. She was around forty years old then. She was a good teacher for me. She had a lot of good experiences about how to teach students. I remember she often asked us difficult questions and she separated the students into two groups by their opinion. It was debate style. We discussed some topics enthusiastically so that I felt time flied sometimes. Thanks to her leading, I began to like studying.

I was often scolded by the teacher, because I was really a mischievous child at that time. When I played a trick, she sometimes smiled and overlooked my tricks. My final trick in the elementary school was that I left my fingerprints on some graduation diploma using red ink when I stolen into the principal's office. It was difficult to remove my fingerprints. I didn't understand why I did such a silly trick, but because of my fingerprints the teacher found the criminal, me soon. Usually she laughed away my tricks, but this time, I received her punches.

She give me a lot of influences and I really thank her. A few years ago, when my first baby was born, I went to her house after a long time to show my baby with my wife. We enjoyed talking about my tricks. She still remembered my final trick that I left my fingerprints on graduation diploma. She told us seriously that was really trouble. I really thank her and I believe her influence was so strong that I was able to be a functional adult.

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Book report : Let Me Out!

I write the book report of the book.

I think that this story is horror fiction.
I read this book, I remember science fiction novel written by Isaac Asimov.The story that robot made by human rebels against human looks like.

Japan has a very well-developed robot technology.And Japanese robot’s are characterized by humanoid robot. For example Honda Motor's ASIMO.

Of course actually I think it is impossible. But when I imagine ASIMO become like Nolan, I become uneasy.

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- Female
- Brown long hair
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Lure needed

LURE needed!
"Jointed crow evolution" (Jackal Bros.)

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Homework :Making small ad.

110,000 km
Shaken ~2010/03
Y100,000 o.n.o

Parallel Parallel

I fishied reading this book, and wrote my impressions about "After reading 2".

This is my first time for me to read the book in English, and it's difficult to understand the details.I like uncanny feeling of this story because I have the desire that I want to see myself as third person to check my behavior consistently. If this is possible, I think that I go through the different life from current one, and can get good things.

I basically believe that there is not parallel world. If there is parallel world, I feel like other "I" am probably doing something bad because my health/feeling is not good recently... So, I hope that other "I" do many good behaviors. However, if there is many parallel worlds as mentioned in this book, I think that my health/feeling will be decided by majority vote. It's very complicate and difficult.....