Monday, 18 May 2009

Unquiet Graves

I read Unquiet Graves.

This is a horror story that a young girl was manipulated by a ghoast. A ghoast was very pitiful.

This book is used very difficult word so I took many time to read this book.

Point for Understanding
In the Hall, Tom sees some Paintings and some silver dishes. Then they disappear. What is happening? Make a guess.

A Ghoast wanted to keep away him.
A Ghoast was a Todd. He want to search Eleanor. He was going to search her to operate Frankie.

If Tom knew that Frankie was operated by Todd, Tom would interfere Todd to operate Frankie. Todd made him frighten and stop searching Frankie but he didn't stop serching Frankie. He is a very courageous boy.

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