Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Parallel Parallel

I fishied reading this book, and wrote my impressions about "After reading 2".

This is my first time for me to read the book in English, and it's difficult to understand the details.I like uncanny feeling of this story because I have the desire that I want to see myself as third person to check my behavior consistently. If this is possible, I think that I go through the different life from current one, and can get good things.

I basically believe that there is not parallel world. If there is parallel world, I feel like other "I" am probably doing something bad because my health/feeling is not good recently... So, I hope that other "I" do many good behaviors. However, if there is many parallel worlds as mentioned in this book, I think that my health/feeling will be decided by majority vote. It's very complicate and difficult.....