Thursday, 21 May 2009

Teacher Man

I hate this book. This teacher is not standing in child's standpoint. He thinks only how he stands dominant in his class. I found many times such as “I couldn’t think of anything to say”. He didn’t help any students and made them lonely. I became irate and I did not want to read.

However, ACTIVITIES demands me to check a detailed action of each student, and it makes me to raise more irritation. Therefore, I read this book rough, and the answer of ACTIVITIES might be much wrong. My father and the elder brother are teachers at the high school.
Therefore, I might not to be able to permit such a teacher too far.

41. Write about your favorite teacher at school or college. Why will you always remember him/her?

My most favorite teacher is a teacher at the fourth grade in the elementary school. He is a fresh teacher only after he graduated from university at that March. The students had a sense of closeness in him, and came to love because he was cool and very young compared with other teachers. We played basketball when it was not PE lesson because he was defeated at our demand.

Unfortunately, I had to change my school at the next year, because my father was a teacher and he transferred other school. I couldn’t do anything though I loved that class. I didn’t know his news at all. I couldn’t contact with any friends of elementary school, because I changed my school twice afterwards.

Several years later, he appeared in the newspaper. The bee attacked the student of his class when going to the class trip, and the teacher was also taken to the hospital. I could catch his school by this newspaper, and, I wrote a letter to him, about my history after changing school, I got married, I had children, or more.

The reply came from him at once. It was written that he was very pleased the letter and he looked back on it with nostalgia. He told everyone of the class about me, and pasted the letter on the class board. We send the New Year's card each other even now.