Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Teacher Man

Q41 Write about your favorite teacher at school or college. Why will you always remember him/her?

I remember an elementary school teacher named Ohkishima. She was my teacher when I was in five to six-grade at elementary school. She was very frank and like a man. She was around forty years old then. She was a good teacher for me. She had a lot of good experiences about how to teach students. I remember she often asked us difficult questions and she separated the students into two groups by their opinion. It was debate style. We discussed some topics enthusiastically so that I felt time flied sometimes. Thanks to her leading, I began to like studying.

I was often scolded by the teacher, because I was really a mischievous child at that time. When I played a trick, she sometimes smiled and overlooked my tricks. My final trick in the elementary school was that I left my fingerprints on some graduation diploma using red ink when I stolen into the principal's office. It was difficult to remove my fingerprints. I didn't understand why I did such a silly trick, but because of my fingerprints the teacher found the criminal, me soon. Usually she laughed away my tricks, but this time, I received her punches.

She give me a lot of influences and I really thank her. A few years ago, when my first baby was born, I went to her house after a long time to show my baby with my wife. We enjoyed talking about my tricks. She still remembered my final trick that I left my fingerprints on graduation diploma. She told us seriously that was really trouble. I really thank her and I believe her influence was so strong that I was able to be a functional adult.