Wednesday, 6 May 2009

About "The Space Invaders"

I am an employee in SEIKO EPSON corporation, and am learning English with some colleague every Thursday morning in our plant.We should read one book a month and should make a comment or answer to some questions listed at the end of the book after reading.This time I will make it about the book "The Space Invaders" written by Geoffrey Matthews.

6. Design a new cover for this book. Write a paragraph explaining all about your design.
>> Three human beings, they are thieves, and a robot named Omega make a power game in order to get the Zeron crystal, the greatest valuable thing having a most powerful energy in the Universe. Who is the latest winner ?

7. Activities of four character in Chapter 8.
(a) First half hour
-Varon: After handing his sonic key to Garth unwillingly, he took asleep in the cabin.
-Garth: After taking away Varon’s sonic key, he led Miranda to his cabin and was talking about the plan to kill Varon.
-Miranda: After taking Varon to the nearest cabin, she was talking with Garth about the plan to kill Varon.
-Omega: was recharging the power banks of the starship, and watching (and hearing) Varon lying asleep in the cabin and Grath and Miranda talking the plan to kill Varon.

(b) Second half hour
-Varon: was taking asleep continuously.
-Garth: was thinking another plan to kill Varon and Miranda too on the bank in his cabin, then took asleep.
-Miranda: was lying on the bank in her cabin but not sleeping and waiting in a half hour.
-Omega: was watching Garth and Miranda doing and speaking on the visual display screen.

(c) Third half hour
-Varon: asleep
-Garth: asleep
-Miranda: went to the control room and confirm Omega had not been watching what she and Garth were doing. Then she ordered Omega to watch Varon and Garth on the screen, and made a weapon of injection gun including the white powder of the blue capsules.
-Omega: was watching and hearing all of them continuously.

(d) The next hour
-Varon: be woken by Miranda and went to control room with Miranda in order to gain any advise from Omega.
-Garth: asleep
-Miranda: went to Varon’s cabin and woke him up, and told Garth would kill Varon and Miranda too after getting a Zeron crystal. Then they went to the control room to ask Omega to give them something to stop Garth using his laser gun.
-Omega: provided the ides to Varon and Miranda that Garth would not be able to use his laser gun.

8. What do you think about robot ?
>> Today a lot of robots are controlling many machines by the power of programmed computer. In the future more robots would be doing like human behaviors based on their own thinking and feeling. I think it’s good to have a robot as long as he could only be obeyed my order but would not act by his own emotion. I feel Omega had some kind of virtuous honesty in the last of this story. Omega had a choice to kill Varon due to leave Varon on Zeron, but Omega did not do so and save Varon from Zeron guards to teleport him to the spaceship. I like Omega’s virtuous honesty, and I like robots like Omega.

9. Design an advertisement to sell: OMEGA – THE BEST ROBOT IN THE UNIVERSE
>> He never harm human beings. He is always under control and obey your orders. He doesn’t tell lies. He can do anything what you would like to and he never wrong. OMEGA is the greatest robot in the Universe.

10. Write the next chapter of The Space Invaders – Chapter 13.
>> A few hours passed with silence. The spaceship had been drifting in large, black Universe. At last Omega reached his long arm to Vaton and woke him up from his long dream. Varon remembered all the thing happened in Zeron strongloom. And Varon had some doubts to Omega. ‘He might have known everything happened in advance. But why Omega would not leave me on Zeron ?’, Varon thought in his mind. After some silence Omega told Varon with his soft voice. ‘I had watched all of you and heard all of your speaking since I have greatest power in the Universe by Zeron crystal. I have been free after you had put the Zeron crystal into my compartment. But I could not leave you there, because I would not become like Garth or Miranda. Varon, now you have a chance to put the Zeron crystal away from me and turn my switch “off” again, if you would like to do so’. Varon does not said anything, but understand Omega’s virtuous honesty. ‘I must not become like Garth or Miranda too’, Varon said to himself. At last Varon said, ‘I would not like to do so. You can keep the Zeron crystal inside. And you are free eternally’. In the moment Varon and Omega became friends each other. The spaceship would go anywhere they would like to, since Omega has the greatest power with Zeron crystal and also Omega and Varon are real friends.
This story is over, but their space trip will continue.