Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Stranger

This is a mysterious story. One day, a stranger who was very rich and handsome man visited a small quiet village. He bought an empty old house and open "The Corner Shop". Villagers accepted him and this shop was success.

The owner - Dave Slatin had a side business in this shop. "Special Customers" visited this shop and wanted to meet him. When these Special Customers left this shop, they were frightened and they left their things there.

At last, they got very big and important thing for them at the sacrifice of someone's unhappiness.

By the way, who was the final Special Customer?
I think it was Dave - the stranger. He wanted to bequeath his children who would inherit his strange power. He asked Anna - his shop assistant to marry him, but she has found his strange power, she was afraid of him. Finally he sacrificed her life to his secret keeping by his death by himself.

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