Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Woman Who Disappeared

I updated
After Reading Question 5. Lenny is introducing himself and describing
his office. Write about yourself. Introduce yourself and describe a room where you live or work.

My office is on the south side of Matsumoto City, on the second floor of a building. My desk is in the center of a big room. Everyone has the desk and the chair of the same type. On my desk, there are two PCs. One is the type of desktop, and the other is type of laptop. I usually use these PCs almost all day long.
There are about a hundred people in a big room. There are about ten meeting corners. They are near the window. There isn't artistic decoration in my office. There isn't a foliage plant in my office. Instead, we have a beautiful view. We can see the Northern Japanese Alps when the weather is clear. The view is very beautiful and I like it.