Monday, 18 May 2009

The Canterville Ghost

There are three stories in the book. I think the most interesting story was the Load Arthur Savile's Crime. There are strange stories. They are sad and they also funny.

1.The Canterville Ghost : It is sad because The ghost had lived in Cantervill Chase for three hundred years. He murdered his wife. Then his wife's brother shut him in a room. He starved to death.

It is funny because The ghost tried to frighten The Otis family but they was not afraid of the ghost completely. And they helped the ghost finally.

2.The Model Millionaire: It is sad because Hughie Erskine wanted to marry Laura Merton but he had no money. It is funny because Hughie Erskine gave one pound to a beggar. The beggar was super rich man. He present a cheque for ten thousand pounds. Hughie Erskine could marry Laura Merton.

3.Lord Arthur Savil's Crime: It is sad because Mr Podgers of palmist was dead finally. It is funny because Lord Arthur had believed the palmist and he decided to kill someone He challenged to kill someone but he missed it. Last,he succeed in killing. It was Mr Podgers of palmist.