Thursday, 7 May 2009

The strangest present - an amusing story by Kyouko

This is a real story about a strange present.

The strangest present I've ever had must be a souvenir from a guy who was
my senior at university. He returned from his trip to Hawaii and soon sent me
a package. I remember it was a very light thing and couldn't guess what it would be.

I opened the plastic package. There was... a necklace of shells, a red bikini, an artificial
bougainvillea, and hula-skirt. It made me laugh and I was quite sure that I would never use them. However, I tried them on in my room in a flat after locking the door just in case. Immediately, I took them off and wondered what I should do with them.

In the end, I pinned them up on a wall of my room just like a lady wearing them - although they were not there for long, since after I jumped out of my bed in surprise by misunderstanding of a lady standing at the side of me in the middle of the night.