Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Pearl - John Steinbeck

Worlds Biggest Pearl Destroys Family

A man called Kino and his wife Juana and their baby Coyotito found a very big pearl.

One day the baby Coyotito got bitten by a scorpion. Kino and Juana had to got o the doctor, but Kino didn't have money so the doctor refused him. So he went to the ocean to find pearls. He found a pearl as big as the egg of a seabird.

He went to a pearl buyer. He thought he could get many money but the mean pearl buyer would only but it for 1000 pesos. Kino got mad and took the pearl and went home.

After that, he got murdered but he didn't die, and his house also got burnt. That night they went to the city to find a honest pearl buyer. But he was tracked by three men, so Kino and Juana hid in lots of places and tried to hide. They saw a cave so they hid in the cave. Coyotito was asleep, but he suddenly started to cry and they got spotted by the three men and Coyotito got shot. Kino killed the three of them and came back to his home. He went to the sea and threw the pearl in to the sea.