Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bristol Murder

I finish reading this book. And I wrote "After Reading."
7. On page 15 there is a newspaper report about the murder of Mr Robert Stevens. On page 47 there is a report about John’s arrest. Write the report that is in the newspaper after Tommy Logan’s arrest.

Tommy Logan Arrested For Murder Of Teacher, Robert Stevens

The police discovered the new fact related to Mr. Stevens' murder.
That day, Mr Stevens and Logan had a big argument in their class.
Mr Stevens gave him a lot of extra homework. Tommy did the homework at home and took it to Mr Stevens’ house. Logan wanted to explain to Mr Stevens that he thought Mr Stevens was being unfair to Logan. But Mr Stevens said it was all wrong. Mr Stevens hit Logan hard. They fought again. Tommy Logan hit him with the chair leg. And Mr Stevens fell to the floor. Then Mr Stevens was dead.