Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Day of the Jackal

This book is a suspense story. It was difficult to understand a lot of roles, but
I was very fun. The Jackal was a main role and a lot of expression;for example, an English man, the Jackal or Murder etc.

Imagine a meeting between Marc Rodin, Rene Montclair and Andre Casson after they have learned that the Jackal has failed to kill the president.Write the conversation between the three of them.

"After all, this plan failed. It was very vexing. Why did the Jackal fail too?
The Jackal seemed to be traced through his action, that is; he left behind a lot of tracks. His plan was elaborate and careful. He had a carefully thought-out plan and acted elaborately. Therefore, the way could be seen through his scheme. The other party was superior to the Professional Murder Jackal"


jim said...


I don't think you answered the question - write a conversation (not just what one of the people said)...can you edit it a bit please?

Unknown said...

I also have read The Day of the Jackal. Why did Jackal fail the assassination of the President? I think it definitely is Claude Lebel’s effort. Don’t you think so?
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