Wednesday, 27 May 2009

dictadraw - art direction

I had an interesting lesson yesterday with one of my classes practicing their use of prepositions and the present continuous tense to describe a picture or scene. Perception is an important part of the whole process as the artists' partners had to look at a picture and describe it for their partner (who couldn't see it). The students could only draw what they were told - so it really was not a test of 'art' or drawing skills!

The three pictures on the left are based on exactly the same picture, so you can compare and contrast the details - where is the glass? What is the man doing? Is he thin? Likewise, the three pictures on the right were also based on the same picture.

The key to describing a scene is getting the main, key points described simply, and naming them/establishing their role in the middle of the picture. After the skeleton has been set, the details can be added easily in relation to the base and each other, or compared/contrasted with them.

This was a lot of fun, so thanks artists and describers for your hard work and pictures.