Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A Scandal in Bohemia

Sherlock Holmes is often kind to the criminals that he cathes.
Do you think this is right? Why dose he act like this?

I think that it's right. To solve the mystery is pleasure to Sherlock Holmes. Crime is certainly bad things although, on the other hand they gave Sherlock Holmes the interesting mystery. I think that's why he act kind to the criminals.

The Last of Mohicans

Sorry, I'll delete this post soon.
Instead of this post, I'll add a comment to the exsitent article.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Six Sketches

There are some nervous people in these sketches. Why are they nervous? When are you nervous?

In the sketch of "Wedding Day", David is nervous, because he wears one black shoe and one brown shoe. He made mistake to wear odd shoes.

In the sketch of "The English Teacher", the students are nervous, because smoke is coming under the door.Mr. Brown don't understand it.

I am nervous when I quarrel with my wife or when I make mistake in my work, when I take an English exam and I receive the results.

(Posted for Masaya)


This novel was written in 1949, however the given circumstances of the story is today's world. In the story everyone is under watch and be tightly-controlled both physically and mentally, and freedom of thought is not guaranteed. Under such circumstance, brain-freeze is only one technique to live in easily and safety. I think that's exactly today's world! And the author must have written the story as a warning against today's society.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Rain Man

Charlie tells Raymond: 'You're like a computer. 'Write about the special things that Raymond can do.
Raymond has a excellent memory, observation power and calculation ability. He can remember a lot of telephone numbers on a telephone book at night. At a restaurant, a waitress was surprised because he told telephone number of her to Charlie. Moreover, he can count a lot of things quickly by his excellent observation power. He counted accurately the toothpicks that had dropped on the floor by the waitress.

In addition, he can win in the casino by his excellent memory, observation power and calculation ability. Of course, He accurately remembers prizes (eg. $89,796). He is exactly like the computer.

However, the most special things that he can do is, a change of Charlie. Charlie was selfishness. Raymond changed Charlie into gentle man. This is the most special things.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Michael Jordan

You are Michael Jordan in the summer of 1994. Write a letter to your brother, Larry, about your job in baseball
Dear Larry
I have a news that surprises you. I challenge new job this year. What it do you think?The work uses the ball, but it is not basketball. When I was a child, it often played. So,it is a baseball. I am a baseball player on the Chicago White Sox.My number is 45. It is your old number when you are a high school student.I want to win the championship. I want to get award of baseball too.Please come to see my play. Let's meet in the baseball stadium.
best wishes,Michael

Postcard from Chicago, U.S.A.

In Chicago, it is very cold today - negative 17 degrees C.
It's colder than Nagano, Japan. And it is also very windy
downtown, where I am staying (at Omuni Hotel). I enjoyed a thick crust pizza and a Chop House Steak, and a bottle of Goose Island.

From a member of your class, Junichi.

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GIRL meets BOY

Do you like dancing and discos? Why/why not?
No, I don't. I'm not good at the dancing.However, I have feelings that want to go to the disco once.

Do you like holiday on boats? Why/why not?
No, I don't.I live in Nagano where doesn't have the sea. I have not taken the ship for a long time. Maybe I get seasick.

Are you shy? When?
Yes, I am.I'm shy of strangers for the person of the first meeting.I'm not good at standing in the presence of others.


Monday, 21 January 2008

Mike's Lucky Day

What is Mike going to do after this story? Is he going to be a student again?

I think he is going to ask her to many dine. And he is going to make a date with her, watching movie, driving, swimming, travel, and so on.
They are going to make a love.

But her father doesn't permit the relation between Jennifer and Mike.
Because Mike is a student yet. Then Mike is going to graduate from college, he is going to work in Jennifer's shop. Of course he works with her. They will make a happy very well.


Sunday, 20 January 2008

Marcel goes to Hollywood

I read "Marcel goes to HOLLYWOOD".
Two French mice are heroes of this story, thier names are "Marcel & Celine". Marcel is a detective and Celine is a painter.

They arrive in Los Angeles. They go to Hollywood from airport. They stay Mr.Waldman's house.
At 10 o'clock they go to bed. But 12 o'clock Marcel hears noise, he opens his eyes. He goes to the kitchen. He finds a kidnapper's massage. They kidnap "Lois Waldman". She is Waldman's daughter, fifteen years old.

In the morning, Mr. & Mrs. Waldman read the massage.
At 10:05 the kidnapper to ring Mr. Waldman, they tell him "Bring $1 million to room 309 on the Queen Mary".
Mr. Waldman goes to bank and puts $1 million in the suitcase. He goes to "Queen Mary room 309".Marcel and Celine go, too.
Mr. Waldman hands kidnapper $1 million. But he doesn't get his daughter.
Marcel and Celine in the suitcase, go to kidnapper's house with kidnapper.
They find Lois in a bedroom.
At 11 o'clock, Marcel telephones the police.
Police finds kidnapper and saves Lois.

Marcel and Celine take a lorry go back to Waldman's house.

Noriko Yada


I read "E.T" for three weeks at the end of Dec 2007. Because I have never watched this movie, it was a little bit difficult for me to understand the relationship of characters. I wrote my thinking that I looked at the photo on page 34 in the book.

1. What is happening ?
The boys rode away with E.T by bike to the forest in order to take him to his spaceship.
2. What is going to happen ?
E.T is putting up his finger and the bikes are going up into the sky. Five bikes fly over the police, their cars and over the houses.
3. What is E.T thinking ?
E.T is thinking of Elliot like a brother and he wants to go back to his star with Elliot.

Masanori Yagasaki

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Poster Project

Recently asked my high school class to do a bit of research - we had been studying about countries, the nationalities of those countries and the languages spoken there. Some of the lads started shouting out names like "Ronaldo", "Beckham", and "Ichiro", and I quickly got the impression there was a well-spring of latent knowledge & interest to push the boat out a bit.

A teacher is always taking a bit of a risk asking students to produce unstructured work. A 'mistake' I made years ago with my refugee students in Thailand was to ask them "How did you get here?". Obviously, each story was shocking; reading 50 or so made me think long and hard about what I was trying to do as a teacher and how little I had to complain about. I recently re-read some of their accounts when I was sorting through boxes of old stuff at my brother's place in Australia - still very harrowing.

Anyway. Rie & I asked our students to produce a poster highlighting a particular country. We suggested a couple of websites, and we brainstormed ideas as to what they might include. As you can see from the postings below, some of them really got their teeth into it. Which is the best poster? You decide - there's a poll on the right, so please take a second to cast your vote. (And by all means post a comment under them.)

Poster project - Argentina

Poster project - Australia

Poster project - Brazil

Poster project - Canada

Poster project - Colombia

Poster project - England

Poster project - France

Poster project - Germany

Poster project - India

Poster project - Indonesia 1

Poster project - Indonesia 2

Poster project - Japan

Poster project - Korea (South)

Poster project - Mexico 1

Poster project - Mexico 2

Poster project - New Zealand

Poster project - Norway

Poster project - Pakistan

Poster project - Portugal

Poster project - Singapore

Poster project - South Africa

Poster project - Spain

Poster project - Taiwan

Poster project - The U.S.A.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


#14 Sir Bowen and Einon have very different ideas about Old Code.Write about their ideas.Who do you think is right?

Sir Bowen thinks that all kings and knights must live by the Old Code. If they do so, kings are kind to peasants and knights help kings, everybody in the country are happy. So Bowen wanted Einon to live by the Old Code in the future and to change the country.

Einon thinks that the Old Code is worthless, and kings don't have to live by the Old Code. He is cruel king than his father now!

I think Sir Bowen is right. Because I think that kings have to be kind to everybody in the country, and the Old Code means this. The Old Code is the way of making country to be happy.

PS. If you want to know an outline of this story, check this site.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


#13 You are Clara. It is the week after Heidi arrives in Frankfurt. Write a letter to a friend. Tell her about Heidi.

Dear Johanna,

I have some big news!
I made a new friend. Her name is Heidi. I heard her Christian name, but she wants us to call herself Heidi. She arrived at my home with her aunt a week ago, and she is living with us.

As you know, I am an only daughter. I'm very happy it seems I have a young sister. She is eight years old.

Many things happened that surprised us for this one week. When I meet you next time, I talk about them directly. She also told me a lot of things about beautiful landscape of her hometown Alm, a wonderful sound of tree, her lovely goats, and her kind grandfather. I hope to visit Alm someday with Heidi.

I would like to introduce her to you as soon as possible. I think you like her, too.


Sunday, 6 January 2008

Gone with the Wind - Part One -

This is one of my favorite films. I watched it more than 20 years ago. After reading this book, I can see it happening all over again in my mind’s eye. I’ll have to read “Part Two”.

(Writing 39) When the Confederacy lose the war, Mammy and Pork – like all negro slaves – are free to go wherever they want to go. Why do you think they choose to stay at Tara? What do you think happens to other slaves after they leave the families they have worked for?

I guess the Mammy and Pork’s family was considerate of them like real family. Then they didn’t leave the family and took care of Scarlett’s mother and girls. About the other slaves, I think they were taken prisoner by Yankees.

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