Wednesday, 9 January 2008


#14 Sir Bowen and Einon have very different ideas about Old Code.Write about their ideas.Who do you think is right?

Sir Bowen thinks that all kings and knights must live by the Old Code. If they do so, kings are kind to peasants and knights help kings, everybody in the country are happy. So Bowen wanted Einon to live by the Old Code in the future and to change the country.

Einon thinks that the Old Code is worthless, and kings don't have to live by the Old Code. He is cruel king than his father now!

I think Sir Bowen is right. Because I think that kings have to be kind to everybody in the country, and the Old Code means this. The Old Code is the way of making country to be happy.

PS. If you want to know an outline of this story, check this site.

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jim said...


Good job - this is a really good posting and a standard I hope other readers will try to match.

Looks like you enjoyed the story too - and thanks for posting the link.

Happy New Year, too! Jim