Sunday, 20 January 2008

Marcel goes to Hollywood

I read "Marcel goes to HOLLYWOOD".
Two French mice are heroes of this story, thier names are "Marcel & Celine". Marcel is a detective and Celine is a painter.

They arrive in Los Angeles. They go to Hollywood from airport. They stay Mr.Waldman's house.
At 10 o'clock they go to bed. But 12 o'clock Marcel hears noise, he opens his eyes. He goes to the kitchen. He finds a kidnapper's massage. They kidnap "Lois Waldman". She is Waldman's daughter, fifteen years old.

In the morning, Mr. & Mrs. Waldman read the massage.
At 10:05 the kidnapper to ring Mr. Waldman, they tell him "Bring $1 million to room 309 on the Queen Mary".
Mr. Waldman goes to bank and puts $1 million in the suitcase. He goes to "Queen Mary room 309".Marcel and Celine go, too.
Mr. Waldman hands kidnapper $1 million. But he doesn't get his daughter.
Marcel and Celine in the suitcase, go to kidnapper's house with kidnapper.
They find Lois in a bedroom.
At 11 o'clock, Marcel telephones the police.
Police finds kidnapper and saves Lois.

Marcel and Celine take a lorry go back to Waldman's house.

Noriko Yada