Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Last of Mohicans

Sorry, I'll delete this post soon.
Instead of this post, I'll add a comment to the exsitent article.


  1. Please don't delete it - it's fine as it is! Instead, you can delete this posting, OK?!



  2. Should I rewrite an original text this posting or append an original text to the exsitance posting?

    > you can delete this posting, OK?!

    Yes I can.
    After posting, I became want to delete this posting, and append my text to the exsitance posting.
    But I couldn't delete my posting.
    Because our company network settings forbid to access to delete posting function of (I didn't know this.)
    Then, I modified first posting, and I asked our network administrators for permission to use delete posting function.
    Now, I can delete this posting.




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