Tuesday, 8 January 2008


#13 You are Clara. It is the week after Heidi arrives in Frankfurt. Write a letter to a friend. Tell her about Heidi.

Dear Johanna,

I have some big news!
I made a new friend. Her name is Heidi. I heard her Christian name, but she wants us to call herself Heidi. She arrived at my home with her aunt a week ago, and she is living with us.

As you know, I am an only daughter. I'm very happy it seems I have a young sister. She is eight years old.

Many things happened that surprised us for this one week. When I meet you next time, I talk about them directly. She also told me a lot of things about beautiful landscape of her hometown Alm, a wonderful sound of tree, her lovely goats, and her kind grandfather. I hope to visit Alm someday with Heidi.

I would like to introduce her to you as soon as possible. I think you like her, too.