Thursday, 25 June 2020

Leonardo da Vinci time and now

It took over 500 years from Leonardo da Vinci time. Technology in our life has been improved and there are a lot of things which are changed and unchanged.

Unchanged is that there were a lot of artists such as painters and performers when I was walking down streets in Italy. I felt that an art was very closely related to their life. I could meet the art easily without going to museum.

On the other hand, a lot of things have been changed since Da Vinci time. Air plane or helicopter have been developing and we can fly and go abroad easily in just one day. Sculpture is also made easily by most advanced technology such as 3D printer.

I think Da Vinci would excite if he had been alive in the present world and he would develop more for the current technology by his fabulous idea and genius observation. I also imagine that he would think the current world was not much changed than he expected.

Friday, 19 June 2020

Father's dream

My father has a dream after retirement.It is to go various countries by a cruise like ASUKA II. On the weekend, he often watches the television programs which introduce the comfortability/facilities of some cruises and what beautiful views we can watch at visited countries. His dream is hold due to the coronavirus now. However when he makes his dream reality, I am going to go with him and to prepare a tour fee for the future tour.There are various operating companies and numerous tours.We can choose a tour duration with a flexible period. We can enjoy the short-period tour in almost one week, and the long-period tour in almost one year.

When a question comes where you want to visit after solving coronavirus situation, my answer is islands in Okinawa to watch the blue sea.The tour by a cruise will make me a lot of chances to watch the oceans.Also, it will make chances of experience to eat local dishes and to sightsee in various countries while the anchorage time is limited.

Friday, 5 June 2020

People have the right to make a protest, but…

On 25 May, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A, a black American was killed by a policeman. This incident raised a storm of protest and now it is growing to a massive riot case. This disturbance can’t be quelled and getting spread all over the country.

I think people has right to make a protest and in this case the protester fight with good cause. There is deep-rooted racial discrimination in this country. People should protest it. Their claim is reasonable but lately some of the people turned into a mob and they destroy cars, buildings… also loot stores. However, their claim is reasonable, acting of violence never be allowed in any cases.

The terrorists who hijacked an airplane in this book “Skyjack!” have right cause for themselves but murder and violence are not allowed.

An after reading task, for OUP Bookworms "Skyjack!", by Teruki