Friday, 19 June 2020

Father's dream

My father has a dream after retirement.It is to go various countries by a cruise like ASUKA II. On the weekend, he often watches the television programs which introduce the comfortability/facilities of some cruises and what beautiful views we can watch at visited countries. His dream is hold due to the coronavirus now. However when he makes his dream reality, I am going to go with him and to prepare a tour fee for the future tour.There are various operating companies and numerous tours.We can choose a tour duration with a flexible period. We can enjoy the short-period tour in almost one week, and the long-period tour in almost one year.

When a question comes where you want to visit after solving coronavirus situation, my answer is islands in Okinawa to watch the blue sea.The tour by a cruise will make me a lot of chances to watch the oceans.Also, it will make chances of experience to eat local dishes and to sightsee in various countries while the anchorage time is limited.

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