Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Sayuri's favourite garden - Karuizawa

My favorite garden was the deep green mossy garden of our previous house in Karuizawa. It was covered with beautiful moss and surrounded by azalea hedges.  Many tall larch trees made the garden like a small reserve for wild animals.  You could see squirrels, pheasants, titmouses and even wild boar.

I thought moss grew without any care but it was quite a job to keep moss beautiful.  They were very sensitive and we needed constant weeding.  Once weeds made their way into moss, it was almost impossible to get rid of them from moss and they made moss die.

When it's autumn, colourful leaves fell on the green carpet of moss like a beautiful picture.

In winter, white snow on the moss was like a playground for small animals and you could enjoy seeing several kinds of small footprints on it in the morning. 

It was only one year but we still have cherished the beautiful memory of our beautiful garden in our lovely house in Karuizawa.

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