Monday, 6 July 2020

If I were rich, I would go traveling with my family

If I had as much money as Toad, I would like to spend for traveling.  As I don’t have much money, I always have to make plan within my budget.  But, if there is no limitation of budget, I can enjoy everything I want.

I would like to go travelling with my family as much as I can.  We went to Okinawa a few years ago and spent good time there.  As Okinawa is south area in Japan, I would like to go to north area for next trip.  I think Hokkaido must be an ideal destination.  It is north area of Japan and popular destination for tourists.  There is a lot of famous places to go and food to eat. 

After we enjoy travelling over Japan, I would like to take my family to foreign countries.  My plan is to enjoy watching professional sports games.  Soccer games in Europe, baseball games in America, tennis games in Wimbledon and so on.  I will reserve the best seats at every stadium and buy the premium ticket of league championship.  It should be the exciting experience for my family to visit famous stadium as well as see top players.

The famous destination like Hawaii, New York, London, Dubai, etc should be another great idea and the world heritage tour will surely give us inspiration.  It is fun to think about my trip and the most important thing for me is to enjoy every moment with my family wherever it is.

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