Saturday, 11 July 2020

House - a spooky story

Tomo is a very clever Japanese college student. He is standing on his own two feet this spring, living alone in a rundown old apartment in a quiet, sleepy Tokyo suburb. One night, he had just finished his shift and had watched the news on his phone on the train ride home. Sleepily, he got home 1 o’clock in the morning, took his clothes off and went to bed right away. 

The next morning, he realized that his T-shirt had vanished. “That’s odd”, he said. It was his favorite one, and he was pretty sure he’d left it on the floor. However, he was not certain and he was late for school. So he left, puzzled. ‌ 

He came home early that evening because he didn’t have anything special after school. He said “I’m starving!” He looked for his Cup Star instant noodles in his stockroom. “What? Why aren’t there any? I bought more than ten last week!” he said. He thought that something was strange. Suddenly, he heard a dull sound from his bedroom. He walked cautiously towards his dark room, and opened the roof-space very slowly, silently. The next moment, a mysterious massive lump dropped from the hole onto his bed. Surprisingly, the lump had long black hair and was wearing Tomo’s clothes. There was also some rubbish, too. Paralyzed with terror, the student raced out of his house calling 110 as he ran. 

The homeless tramp was arrested, but Tomo will never sleep well again – he had been stalked and spooked.

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