Monday, 6 July 2020

Self-destruction - Dorian Gray after reading

When the artist drew the picture of  Dorian Gray, he was only a good looking boy with an innocent heart. His portrait had pure beauty, just like the sitter, Dorian .

But the Lord, a very influential man opened up a new world for Dorian and he discovered the pleasure in the dark side of the world, which he'd never tasted before.

Even though Dorian hurt innocent people to seek his desire, he still kept his youth and beauty. His sinless appearance and his wealth helped him and people still listened to him. So he'd never realized his sin. Those bad spiral took him into darker side of the world and gradually it got spoiled him like opium.

When he realized his mistakes, it's too late. Nobody listened to him and believed him anymore. Only his empty appearance with no heart was remained. No wonder he would self-destruct.

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