Thursday, 9 July 2020

A chocoholic on pralines!

Dear Neuhaus,

As an English learning student, I am reading English books, mainly
Oxford Bookworms Collection.

When I read a book 'Chocolate', I was so delighted to find the story of Neuhaus's invention of a new chocolate 'pralines' in 1912. That was the same story that I had learned through the booklet inside your lovely chocolate box that I bought at Neuhaus in Brussels. That shop was very elegant and beautiful and shop clarks were nice and friendly. There were so many different kinds of pralines and other chocolate. They looked so delicious and I wished to have them all!

Your first invented pralines are really tasty and I can easily understand why they are still popular. Their triangular shape is unique and outstanding and they make the texture and taste more sensible and irresistible.

You also support sustainable cocoa farming, which is important nowadays. I feel no guilty buying a lot of your beautiful chocolate because that helps some cocoa farmers as well.

Thank you for your great invention of pralines. I know you keep fascinating us with your magical chocolate.

Best wishes


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