Friday, 5 June 2020

People have the right to make a protest, but…

On 25 May, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A, a black American was killed by a policeman. This incident raised a storm of protest and now it is growing to a massive riot case. This disturbance can’t be quelled and getting spread all over the country.

I think people has right to make a protest and in this case the protester fight with good cause. There is deep-rooted racial discrimination in this country. People should protest it. Their claim is reasonable but lately some of the people turned into a mob and they destroy cars, buildings… also loot stores. However, their claim is reasonable, acting of violence never be allowed in any cases.

The terrorists who hijacked an airplane in this book “Skyjack!” have right cause for themselves but murder and violence are not allowed.

An after reading task, for OUP Bookworms "Skyjack!", by Teruki

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