Monday, 15 December 2008

Painting the town red

On Saturday evening, one of Jim's business classes went out for dinner and a few drinks in town. We had a some great nabe and yakiniku; Kazu bizarrely topped up his draft beer with tomato juice and salt...which in a ll my drinking years I don't think I 've seen before!

Tana's first certificate (FCE) class also had a meal, and eventually caught up with Jim's group at karaoke - not a regular event for Jim and actually Tana's first time (can you believe it?). As we were such a large group, we had to wait a while for a room - so we had a few more beers to pass the time & Tomohiro found his friend's wedding party in the same bar!

Surprise crooner of the evening was Yuki, letting rip with style and skill. Most of the rest of us gurning along drunkenly - Rie & Kyoko excepted, so well-behaved. Yosuke & Tomo did their best to keep Yumie awake!

Where did all the time go? Suddenly it was something like half past two in the morning, cold & rainy. Tomo staggered off homewards, others planning to share taxis...Sunday looking like it was going to be a slow day for eveyone concerned! Thanks - I had a great time. I didn't even mind sleeping on the floor (again) when I tried to stay awake for the football.

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