Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Jojo's Story

I have read this book, then I feel that I am so powerless. A tragic case which I can't image occur in the third world.

After reading

Q2:How much do you know about MSF? You can ask your teacher, or visit the MSF

MSF is a nonprofit organization that is founded by French doctor group in 1971. This organization is consisted of a volunteer and full-time staff, and the type of job of volunteer is doctor, nurse, inspection engineer, and so on. Their policy is "All people have a right of treating", and they act medical treatment in the poverty area, in the third world or in the dispute area. Their activities are not also medical treatment but also preventive medicine, and testifying activity for an international organization is an important part of their activity. They got a Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, and Indira Gandhi Prize in 1996. In Japan, the branch was founded in 1992.

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  1. Like you, I think that MSF does a very necessary and dangerous job. It is often the first NGO to arrive and the last to leave a trouble spot/conflict zone. I think the people who work for MSF are brave and selfless.

    What other charities do you know of in Japan?



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