Friday, 23 October 2015

Love or Money - after reading: your favourite romantic story

“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte 

Jane Eyre was an orphan. She was sent to a boarding school by her aunt.She is not so beautiful but she is a reliable person. 

She got a job as a private teacher for a child at a big residence.She grew up and became independent. The master, Mr. Rochester was not friendly at first. 

She received him at last but there was something warrying her. but they became close and understood each other. He asked her to marry him. 

She found that he had a wife and his wife was insane. She was shut up in the room. The strange sound was hers.Sometimes at midnight she heard a strange sound of laughter from a corner of the residence. Jane left him. Jane worked at school at a new place and she lived peacefully. 

She rejected his proposal and then she heard a voice to ask for help.A man,a good person proposed to her but she was at a loss to receive or not. She was not certain he loved her truly. She decided to return to Mr. Rochester. The residence was in ruin . The mad wife set fire to the residence and kill herself. 

He got back his hope and they married.Rochester was alive but he lost his arm and eyesight. 
Jane determined to live with him.

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