Thursday, 15 October 2015

Creative writing - "You"

Creative writing exercises provide a scope for thinking outside the box and coming up with some fantastic imagery, as the following poems will demonstrate!
The poems are based on individuals that we either love or hate, titled "You", and the parameters of the poem was to describe them under random topics such as a kind of food, a means of transport, an article of clothing, and so on, combined with a fitting adjective. Let me know what poems/imagery/similes you enjoyed reading!

You are a tough meat.
You are a strong gale.
You are an old fixed big desk.
You are a reckless riding horse.
You are an old moth-eaten shirt.
You are a creaky staircase.
You are sludgy brown.
You are boiling end of June.


You are like a sweet and milky melon.
You are sometimes typhoon and always the sun.
You are sometimes broken wardrobe.
You are sometimes uncontrollable dumper truck and sometimes slowly turtle.
You are a warm mitten.
You are the bright lamp light.
You are always a soft pink and sometimes dark blue.
You are peaceful and mild May.


You are a bad smell blue cheese.
You are heavy lightning.
You are over decorated chair.
You are a big limozin car driving big American road.
You are always thin under wear.
You are a golden lion shape door knocker.
You are too shiny orange.
You are crazy hot August.


You are strong straight wiskey.
You are clear blue sky.
You are a heavy table.
You are a damaged old bicycle.
You are a heavy warm coat.
You are a strong roof.
You are deep green like a turtle.
You are warm the beginning of spring.