Thursday, 24 September 2015

Plating up the 2015 Rugby World Cup - #CarryThemHome

Unless you have been hiding under a rock over the last few days, you will be aware that the 2015 Rugby World Cup is in full swing, with World Cup history being made in the South Africa vs Japan game. A game that will be talked about for years to come, and deservedly so with such a magnificent performance from the Brave Blossoms! There may be a few late nights with eyes glued to screens over the coming month for Damian and Jim.

Who's going to win this group?
Rugby is still a growing sport here in Japan, and in an attempt to raise awareness of the sport (especially as Japan will be hosting the next tournament in 2019!), we got some of our students involved in a workshop on the theme of "Countries and Flags". Most of our students were unaware that the World Cup is going on, let alone the 20 countries involved. I hoped to change all that recruiting some help from a few keen students. I even wore my full rugby kit for the entire day in honour of the occasion!

With 20 national flags and home jerseys to colour and sort, it was quite the task for Kahina, Hinata and Hikari. Since there were 4 of us, me included, we assigned a knock-out group for each person to focus on and got to work! We ran into a bit of trouble when Kahina chopped one of the kits in half, but thankfully, after having a closer look, it turned out to be the French one.

A proud smile!
The real challenge came however when we came to matching the kits to their national flags. Some of the colour schemes are not too dissimilar to each other and even Damian sensei got in a muddle at times. We got there eventually through some good guess work and trial and error. In hindsight writing the countries on the reverse may have been a good idea...

How many more upsets will there be? Who's going to come out on top on the 31st of October? What are your predictions for the Rugby World Cup?
The final product