Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Unusual Suspects - after reading The Mystery at Lion Rock

I think a master criminal who lives in neighbour will have 2 types.
One is strange person who is constantly stayed in house and/or is doing strange behavior, and the neighborhood don't know what the person is doing or how the person is.
So, the neighborhood is always on alert against movements of ther person.

Other is a person who is accommodating and takes the lead in activities in the community.
The person is always kind and the neighborhood is lower ther person's defenses.
But a part of persons who are accommodating and kind seem to feel stress and have a possibility to pwepetrate a crime.
So, the person is easy to perpetrate a crime in neighbour and is hard to being suspected of the crime.

In my neighbour, there was a person who is 1st type.
He worked in daytime, but he went to anywhere everynight.
I admired him for having the stamina to work and enjoy everyday.
But, one day his family (his parents and his younger sister) moved home suddenly because he did something bad.
I and the neighborhood doesn't know in detail what he did.

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