Saturday, 12 September 2015

Anne of Green Gables - after reading

Dear Marilla,

How are you Marilla?  I feel strange to ask you this question since I was with you yesterday.

It is my first date in Charlottetown.  The dormitory is close to the Queens Academy.  The scenery from my room is totally different from Green Gables.  From my room, I can see the street to Academy.  After I arrived in the town, I went to see the building of Academy.  I am excited to start new college life here.

The people in dormitory are very nice and kind to me.  I am sure I can get along with them and will not get in a trouble like I did in Avonlea.  I will become friends with other students and a good girl in the class room.  Of course, I will study hard to be a teacher like Miss Stacy .  Oh, I cannot wait for tomorrow morning.

I just miss you and Matthew.  I will go to my dearest home at weekends.  I will be able to talk to you about the new friends, new teacher, what I study and Charlottetown.  Please take care of yourself, Marilla.  And, please give my best wishes to Matthew.  I love two of you very much.

With my best regards,


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