Saturday, 12 September 2015

Love among the Haystacks - After reading

We had to build the tent by ourselves.  It took time to build the tent as it was the traditional type that was supported by poles and ropes and difficult to build.  We cooperated with each other to build it.
In the night, we slept in our own sleeping bag in the tent.  It was very exciting as it was unusual experience for us even though it was narrow.  We were too excited to sleep and talked a lot through the night.  Our voice
and laugh were sometimes loud and one of the leaders came to the tent and alerted us to sleep immediately.
In the meantime, some accidents happened in the night.  A part of tent suddenly collapsed as someone attacked the pole accidentally during sleeping and someone tripped over the stake and the rope loosed outside of the tent.

I have not gone camping and slept outdoors recently, but I would like to go somewhere if there are any good places.  Do you have any recommendations?