Tuesday, 1 July 2008

My favourite photo

One of my favourite photos is of a group portrait of the baseball team to which I belong.

I took the photo in the autumn of 2007 in Shiojiri.

We are company baseball teams that joined a company in 2006. We did the contest between three groups on the day.

I belonged to team A. The team A won the championship by 2 - 0. All the games were excited with one point difference.

I keep this photo on the putt on the desk. This photograph is published on the top page on the website of the team. We have the final tournament of the Epson cup at the end of this week. We want to win the championship.


Anonymous said...

Basically I like baseball.
I feel so happy when I hit the ball to far away.
I like watching championship which high school baseball team play at Koshien in Kobe.
On the other hands I don't like defense , because I am worried that the ball hit my face.
I am really afraid that.
Takeho,please enjoy baseball!

snowman said...
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yasuhiro said...

This is a great team!
Where position do you defend, takeho?
I hope you'll do your best.