Tuesday, 1 July 2008


After reading: Q1 Who do you like most? Teresa or Frank? Why?

I like Teresa, because Teresa love Frank and she can understand him. She is a supple mind.

This story first, she was angry with Frank. He is a writer, but he never finish his books. He sometims sleeps all morning, sometims watches television all afternoon. So she think his life is bad to him. She hope he get a new job, but she changed after listened his dream story and his mind. She well understand of hin and support him.

I like Teresa. She is a bright wife.


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  1. I agree with you, I like Teresa too. Because she love Frank and understand him even if he doesn't achieve success as a writer.

    This story is fun for me. I was completely taken in the writer.
    I felt that the computer is very convenience for us, but we shouldn't rely on only it.
    I use the computer in work every day. I thought that the computer is always be in the right.
    However, I understand that there's thing which not the computer but only we can do.



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