Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Flying lessons at Luna

Yes, it's true!

There's virtually no limit to the things you can learn at Luna. One of our classes has been learning about hibernation habits in northern Canada; another has been working on the Axe Effect. Yet another class has been working on predicting the weather, and Tana's toddlers have been patiently watching their sunflowers reach for the sky.

Now we are branching out into wildlife rescue! Jim found this tiny baby Swallow looking a bit stunned, on the concrete floor where we park our bikes. Obviously it'd "gone for it" and made its first attempt to fly. Unsuccessfully, by the looks of it. Distance travelled looked about 10 feet, all vertical! If we left it there, it would have been a cat-snack very quickly. Instead, we tried to return it to its nest - there were two to choose from. No way was the one on the left the right one - the little thing refused to go near it! Hopped into door number two with a happy 'cheep cheep' and poked its beak out to say thank you.

Another happy ending (beginning, really!) at Luna wildlife park!