Saturday, 26 July 2008

Describing a building in my hometown

The most beautiful building in my hometown are the shrine "Suwataisya". They are "Honmiya", "Maemiya", "Akimiya" and "Harumiya". "Honmiya" and "Maemiya" are in Suwa city. "Akimiya" and "Harumiya" are in Shimosuwa town. I describe about "Harumiya". "Harumiya" was built by Nagazaemon Shibamiya in 1780. It was near the river "Togawa". It is the smallest building in other 3 of "Suwataisya". It is a wooden building. The sculpture is wonderful and famous.

We don't usually get in the building. We can get in it when we do special event which for example, "Shichigosan", wedding and so on. There is no view, because the building is enclosed by a lot of tall trees. Therefore, it is very cool because of shade in summer. "Harumiya" is near my house, I usually walk to there with my children.

It is free to see the building. For pictures and more information see here. (Japanese Only)

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