Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The most beautiful building in Nogi is ...

The most beautiful building in my hometown is "Shimoren". It was a factory of brick.
It is in Nogi-town, in edge of Tochigi Pref.

It was designed by the "Shimotsuke Brickyard"
company and built in 1889; it made bricks for 82years.

There are 16 kilns in a circle (actually, in a 16 polygon), 100m around. It has 31m
chimney. Unfortunately, now there is no owner of this factory, its outside is bad.

Inside of this factory, it is dangerous! Roof of it is going to fall down; because there is no owner, administration can't aid fixing this building.

You can't see the view from this building, it's dangerous. If you can see the view from this building's chimney, you'll see only grassland, I think.

You can't go in the building, I think.

You can get more information about this building here.