Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The House by the Sea.

Q4. Imagine five years have passed. What do you think is happening in Carl and Linda's lives now?

Five years later, Carl and Linda are living in the same town, but they are not living together.

After Carl and Linda broke up, Mary saw her walking a beach with Bill. Since she didn't know the fact that Carl met Linda after she left the house at the night, she kindly phoned him and told she saw her at the beach. He retired from his job at that time. Therefore, he could go to Mary's pub as soon as he hung up. Then he explained what happened between them. He looked very sad and became weak. She recommended staying at the pub more few days.

He's been still living at the pub when five years have passed. He is keeping the pub with Mary.
Linda and Bill have been married for three years and they've lived at the house by the sea.
Carl and Linda sometimes meet on the road but they don't talk each other...