Thursday, 3 July 2008

Tales of the Supernatural

After reading 6. Which story was your favourite? Why?

My favourite story in this book is The Yew Trees. Unfortunately, Zoe was dead, however it eventually came to an end happily. And it says in the story, I think, that we have to build a society that can coexist with nature.

5. Look at the picture in each story. What part of the story does the picture show?

Irish Rose - an apple
"She made up her mind and took a piece of fruit, a large round green apple that was heavier than it looked."

Haw Par Villa - a snake
"Johnnie's father had a black tattoo on the skin of his left arm. It was a picture of a snake."

Banshee - a glass of wine and sunset
"They drank their wine without saying a word and watched as the sun went down into the still, dark waters of San Francisco Bay."

The Yew Trees - Dryads of old Yew tree
"The man was not young and he had a long brown beard and thick eyebrows. The eyes themselves were a rich brown and there were many lines in the skin around them."

Tea - a sward and a cup of Japanese tea
"Everybody was drinking Japanese tea. The sound of a small bell filled the room. Chris was going to speak and stood at the head of the room by a table where his samurai sword and knife rested."

A Bed for Ambrose - a smoking gun
"He remembered the smoke from the man's gun and the blood and the pain in his chest."

We Will Wait, Too - a fountain pen between two people
"So, writers, let us live! Go on writing. Your readers are waiting. We will wait, too."