Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Eye of the Storm

After Reading Question:What is the worst weather you have seen?

It was long long rain in 2006 July.Big mud flow destroyed many house and a few (7 or 8) people died in Okaya city. That time I lived in Shimosuwa town which is in the next in Okaya City. My house was near the river To-gawa. This 2 pictures which I took are the river To-gawa. The river seemed to overflow at any moment.

A lot of trunk road stopped. Therefore, the company became one day rest. Next day, I went to work from Shimosuwa to Matsumoto. But highway closed at 11:00 am. There was an instruction to people who lived in Suwa, "go back home". Of course, me too.

I left work at 12:00. Every cars concentrated on Route20 (shiojiri-toge). The traffic jam occurred. I got home about 4:30 pm. It would arrive in 30 minutes if the usual.

It was the worst weather I have seen.