Thursday, 17 July 2008

Translations of poems

Are you interested in poetry? Do you have a passion for Japanese culture? If so, then this is a post you should keep your eye on! or join! Comments/interpretations/a translation of your favourite poem is always welcome.
Today's contribution is made by Minemura who has translated three Haiku poems taken from NHK's radio program 'The Best 3'. Every week poems are sent in by listeners and the best three are chosen by the announcer. Each week people write on a different topic which is typically Japanese.
Today's poems are about roses.
Here they are. Enjoy!

Poem 1)
Bara Ikete, Bara seiunno, Nakani iru
I am arranging roses. The flowers are so beautiful. I feel as if I were in a rose nebula up in the sky!

Poem 2)
Orudo rouz, Kabeni Hawasete, Itsumorusu
I visit the house whose walls are covered with beautiful roses. But the owner of the house is never there.

Poem 3)
Janjobi, Iwazuni Aruku, Barashinku
There are a lot of beautiful roses in the garden. I saw a crimson rose near us as we walked in the garden, but I walked past without saying "It's my birthday today!"

Thanks Mine, I can't wait for the next installment!