Wednesday, 23 July 2008

We are LIVE - at last!!!

I am extremely embarrassed to admit that it took us something near six years to get Luna`s beautiful website actually online. The delays are all YOUR fault, because I was too busy to do it properly!

I met our designers in 2001 in Sydney. My cousin`s husband`s cousin. They have been very patient and heard every excuse under the sun; we have asked various people to translate and re-translate the content - so I do need to thank Yukari, Rico, Eri, Chiaki, as well as the traditional Luna bow to Yuki (for proof-reading this time) for making me sound acceptable in Nihongo.

When I had the idea, websites were still relatively new, and I had no idea what we were really going to be - Luna was a puppy. This year we celebrate ten years of much has changed, but the dream is all there still. Be the best school we can be; be the best school for our students; be the best school for our teachers. I think those are fairly honourable goals.

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