Wednesday, 16 July 2008

After reading
1. At the end of the story, John says he had kept the bag ‘Sothat I never
forget how easy it is to lose the things you love’.Do you keep any objects to
remind you of someone orsomething?

When I hear the Symphony No.9 (Beethoven), I recall tedious waiting time.
There was an event to which all the student of our school sang the Symphony No.9when I was in the second grade of high-school on the 100th anniversary.
A professional soloist was called. At the first time, I saw the singer.

The Symphony No.9 have four movements. However, only the fourth movement have a chorus.

Therefore, we(chorus) should stand by during the three movements on stage.
It was too long, too tedious, and too hot.

As a result, when I hear the Symphony No.9, I recall tedious waiting time.

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