Saturday, 2 April 2016

Spring has come!?

There is a warm breeze. Some small birds are twittering around my house. They enjoy the mild weather in early spring too. Last week we had snow here, but now it is getting warmer. This warm and sunny climate will make bloom cherry blossoms.

Typical Japanese Spring weather is changeable. At first, people know the coming spring by gale-force winds. People call it “the first spring gale”. It is a signal of the coming spring. Beginning of the spring, cold, chilly, sometimes freezing days and warm days come alternately. From ancient times, the climate is called “Sankanshion”, which mean alternation of three cold and four warm days. I recognize that it makes sense every year.

People eagerly wait for the coming spring every year and they feel certain about it by the news of the blooming cherry blossoms. Now cherry blossoms are starting to bloom from western areas of Japan. It will soon be here.


Minobusan Kuonji 身延山久遠寺 Shidarezakura 2012.4.11

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